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A flexible and powerful scripting language

The PHP language combines several advantages that make it particularly interesting for a beginner php web development company or in a training context.

First of all, the speed

Experts agree that this language generates particularly fast scripts in terms of server response time. This is because PHP can be integrated into the Linux kernel. On the net, most servers run on a Linux platform with Apache server.

Then, security

With the PHP language, your scripts remain confidential. The server only returns HTML code to the browser of the visitor who visits your site. Javascript, by cons, is visible in the source of the page consulted.

But also, maximum compatibility

The server refers only to the HTML browser. This ensures optimal compatibility with the majority of navigation software. This compatibility is also particularly interesting with regard to operating systems. There are PHP distributions for Linux, for Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Macintosh ... PHP is also compatible with many databases.

Benefits of the latest version of PHP

PHP 7.0, which came out early 2016 is 2 times faster than version 5.6. The web scripting language, the most used in the world before Ruby and Python rediscovered a new youth and continues to dominate the web with about 80% market share in terms of use with CMS including WordPress 4.0, Drupal and sites such as Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Wordpress. This new version is based on PHP Next Generation. An initiative that was launched by Zend in response to Facebook's HHVM technology, which was intended to offer a version of PHP that wanted to perform better.
According to Zend, upgrading applications to PHP 7 could result in an increase in performance from 25% to 70%. The editor has published some indicators that he summarized in a computer graphics published in May 2015. These comparatives show that WordPress (version 4.1) would be twice as fast with PHP 7 as with PHP 5.6, and Drupal 70% faster .

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