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Dynamic web page creation

In the application development work, many questions are always asked due to the presence of many constraints to the domain. Of course the basis is the use of effective tool guaranteeing the quality of the result like php which is one of the most popular tools currently. In this order, it is often a question of dealing with queries such as creating dynamic web pages. Understanding these basic concepts will allow all developers to fully understand the tool.

What is a dynamic web page?

Currently, on the web, there are two kinds of pages namely static pages as well as dynamic pages. Static pages are pages whose contents do not change. It always contains the same content. Unlike these pages, a dynamic page, for its part, has content that varies according to the context. Pages always change as needed. So clearly a dynamic page is not a page that contains graphic animations nor a page with attractive content nor a page with a Javascript program or a page made up of hyperlinks since all these components can be present on all available pages on the Web. It is important to distinguish these pages in order to better use them. Moreover, in order to have more customers, it is advisable to use this type of web page.

How to create a web page dynamic?

By using php programming, it is possible to create perfectly dynamic pages. Of course, it will be necessary to design a dynamic site in order to arrive at this type of result. To do this, it will follow a simple structure to have quality results. First, it will be necessary to deal with the structure of the site XHTML and CSS. From this point on, it will be necessary to create a database in order to create the administration part. Afterwards, we will create the visible pages of the site and protect the admin. Using dynamic Url, dynamic site rewriting will also be possible. Of course, it will be necessary to make room for the comments if one wants really that the site is dynamic and attractive for all Internet users.

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