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How to configure your server with PHP

PHP is an open source programming language widely used on the Web. Unlike other languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML, etc., that work client side, or PHP runs in the sideways of your server.

Do a lot of things with PHP

Most servers have automatically a PHP configuration, but it is still reassuring to ask your system administrator. If your web server supports PHP, you have nothing to do. Simply, create a folder and a text file with the .php extension and the server will automatically run with PHP. With PHP, you can do many things, but the most practical use is to create dynamic pages and scripts that perform functions on demand.

Configuration of PHP

With the introduction of php programming including the current versions are greater. Additionally, there is already no way to change the version by using the menu item in your STRATO account. Basically, it’s recommended to use the latest version of PHP.

Transfer the file via SFTP to your storage

To transfer the file, create a .htaccess, you can use an FTP client installed locally. To save the .htaccess file on your web storage space, open your FTP program and connect to your web storage space. Once you have successfully connected to your space, you will see your local system to the left and your web space STRATO right. You can copy files or entire directories on your web space or data from this site on your local system. To download the .htaccess file from your local system to your web space, select right to remote your system directory where you want to download the file. Now mark the .htaccess file on the left and upload it to your web space.

The .htaccess file should be in the directory where the change is to take effect. Please note that this change is inherited by all subdirectories. Manually changing the top version of PHP is now complete.

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