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Our advice on dev languages

Difficult to find oneself among all languages, especially when you start and try to master a technology. Moreover, speaking of better programming language without defining a specific criterion of comparison is a lure and subject to lengthy debates. There are a number of online sites that publish language popularity statistics, each according to different criteria. IEEE Spectrum adopts an interesting approach, notably thanks to an interactive graph allowing to select 3 factors: the languages ​​that develop most quickly, their recurrence in the vacancies, and those most used in open source. You can go to their study to get an idea.

To develop, it takes several languages

Whatever the top 10 of best programming languages, to develop, you need to learn more than one. C is the most widely used programming language in the world. It lays the foundations of many other languages, such as Java, C ++, C #, ... so it is advisable to take a close look at it.
More generally, if you master modern code, you know that it is impossible to use only one language. Thus, if you develop WordPress themes or plugins, you will write in JavaScript and PHP. And this, regardless of their level of popularity. Similarly, if your employer is a Microsoft developer, it's best to know how to code in C #.
Among the many programming languages ​​that exist at the moment, each programmer has his small preference. Generally, their choice is based on a few criteria. Among these, there is convenience, availability and performance.

Ruby, a useful language

This programming language uses the object-oriented system. As a result, Ruby is becoming more common. It is used to develop websites and mobile applications. Indeed, with Ruby, the development of web applications is increasingly easy and efficient. Besides it was created to be simple and easy to write. It runs the Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby is considered to be an ideal programming language for newcomers.

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