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Take advantage of your OpenVPS

We can find a lot of VPS offer on the web nowadays, and it’s not very easy to choose for which to subscribe. Obviously, we can check on comparison website and chose from the list shown to you. But you can also create your own VPS, and mange it as you would.

Why should we do use VPS?

As we knew, there are many start-uppers today, but if all of them have their own website, we can’t tell that all these websites have their own host. Most of them are using a shared hosting server service, and only VPS can do this. In terms of VPS, the most popular nowadays is the Hong Kong OpenVZ VPS provided by KoDDoS protection. This option offers to her customer a virtual server with at least an i5 processor and 8GB of Memory. With a Raid Option more than 1TB, and 20TB of network interface at least, we can tell that they have the best solution for everyone. From beginner to professional, they have the best offers adapted to everyone. And as known, the price is affordable and it’s easy to install.

The advantages of using VPS

For everyone who didn’t know, VPS is the most reliable security system for websites and servers. It ensures that the website won’t be affected by any customer hogging resources. This type of hosting allows the customer to have more access to the server’s configuration, in order to have to control the setting by himself. There is no limit of the website on VPS, and it’s so easy to add or remove website from VPS list. His best advantage is the fact that he provides an own control panel to every website created with.

Even if many customers or resellers thinks that he is expensive than other hosting offers, if we refer to the quality of the services, we can easily say that his price is really affordable and anyone can choose his location server.

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