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The importance of Php development for dynamic websites

A website is a set of web pages viewable in a navigator. These web pages are connected by links that allow you to switch from one to another. As a general rule, a website is recognized for the homogeneity of the design of its pages. At first, they were static, that is to say that it has a fixed content, and now, they came dynamic. Let’s talk about this last one.

What is a static website?

By a simple definition, a static page is not a page without movements or animations, but a visible page as it was conceived. They do not change, and it is in this sense that they are static. A static site requires zero maintenances and installs very easily, but a dynamic site needs to be regularly updated to work and requires more complex starting configurations.

What about the dynamic website?

Dynamic web sites may be more convenient for users, but they are much more complex systems from a computer point of view. A dynamic site also requires additional resources to operate. In contrast to static pages, dynamic pages allow information to be presented in different ways, and it depends on the interaction with the visitor. The pages are built the simple way to cheers a programming that the php development accomplish. The content comes from a database based on criteria established by the user and then formatted in real time. This is the case for example of an e-commerce site. This is also the case for blogs and forums, where visitors can participate in the content of the site. Ads at last, this is also the case of a system update. It will therefore be necessary to integrate security aspects when you are designing a dynamic website, and especially, when we are using a CMS market such as WordPress or Joomla.

The way that you write a php language is important and that is why you have to be able to hear the demands of the navigators.

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