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The process in becoming a top Php developer

The needs are immense. Internet sites are becoming more sophisticated, more and more dynamic, more and more connected to databases. This is why the expertise of Php Developer is increasingly increased and evolved within the IT departments of a php development company, in IT services companies or the Web Agency.

The steps to become a php developer

To become a web developer, you do not have to learn all languages in school. These languages are the basis of most PHP syntaxes and to a lesser extent JavaScript. So, it's easy to learn PHP after C ++. Similarly, the Objective-C and Java mobile languages are more or less like C / C ++.

There are a lot of self-taught people who have a break and who have a very good job situation. The most important thing is to carry out projects so that they can be presented to future employers. Because they will not risk to miss a genius developer just because he does not have a bac + 5.

However, it is also possible to follow training for those who wish, specializing in php

Here are the steps to become a top php developer :

  • Learning the C language: "It's not a Web language, but it's the best school in my opinion to learn algorithmic and get a lot of rigor in your work."

  • Learn object-oriented programming with Java, for example.

  • Learn to manipulate data flows with their languages (databases, XML, etc.).

  • Master a Web technology allowing object programming.Web-developing companies that expertise in Php

So, in addition to all the technical skills necessary for the development of a website, web tools or application, he must demonstrate a great autonomy and rigor in compliance with the specifications imposed by the client. It is necessary to have a great capacity of adaptation, a good strength of proposal and to be polyvalent. The development of a website is a collective effort, you have to be attentive and open to external issues. Finally, you have to constantly learn new programming concepts, and all the new developments and new languages of web programming and new technical solutions.

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