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Training to become a leading Php developer

Also referred to as an IT developer, web developer or programmer, the PHP developer fits into the professions of the longer term . he's directly involved within the process of website creation and web development. Visibility on the web is important to hope for fulfillment and become a sustainable business.


The main goal of php developers is to make or improve websites by making them more dynamic and responsive. For this, it uses the programing language PHP. counting on his project, he will use PHP without frameworks, with framework or with open source framework (Symfony, Zend…). His intervention aims to enhance the UX or the utilization r experience by facilitating the use of the web site . It brings technical solutions like a change to the interface or the addition of features.


Before making improvements to the online pages, he must understand the business objectives and therefore the customer's needs by consulting the specifications. because of his expertise, he can participate within the reflection of directives. After a primary analysis, it'll propose innovative solutions and necessary developments. He can lookout of the front also because the back office of the web site . it'll use the CMS (Content Management System, in French Content Management System) also as MYSQL and DevOps to market and improve content management.

The skills required

In addition to technical skills and mastery of programming languages and web tools, the developer job includes other qualities:

  • Have an honest interpersonal skills: it's teamwork that the developer does. He can't be alone on a change project. Thus, he must be ready to add a team, that's to mention , twiddling my thumbs , compromise and hear others.
  • Taste for challenge: his work is a component of improvement and with the expectation of higher results. they need to be ready to be prepared to satisfy challenges or demands from the customer or their business.
  • Knowing the way to adapt: the objectives are going to be different, especially if the developer works in workplace or freelance.

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